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The project “UNA TOUR” presents to you a portrait of Chinese tourists, at home and abroad, in our time.


Not long after Chinese tourists first set their foot on unfamiliar lands, they were singled out and looked down upon. The stereotype; a small flamboyant flag held in the hand of a person equipped with a portable microphone, standing before a flock of yellow and red caps, has become an unwelcome asset to the new reputation of the Chinese nationality. 


The reactions from the rest of the world, some of affectionate, light-hearted jest, and others of disdain, has triggered a series of reactions throughout Chinese social media: anger, denial, self-reflection, self-deprecation, and geopolitical discourse. Despite surfacing years ago, the topic is still popular in daily conversation.


In the artist's candid photographs of Chinese tourists, we observed a certain common vibe in all of them, which can only be captured in the form of visual, the rich content preserved in which revealed a small part of the modern Chinese when in a group, identical pose even posture, social awkwardness, pressure to keep a low profile, V sign from a mid-age woman, absentminded on social manners which makes sense in certain context. 


The chain of thought goes on, and varies depends on different viewer, which, not exactly provide an opinion, but a distinctive visual feature that enables the audience a view that is outside of the debate to be able to have a moment of reflection.

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